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Natural Alternative To Botox Treatment Celina

Botox is made up of a neurotoxin called botulinum toxin. When botox injections are used, the side effects can be frightening. Here they are: headaches, crooked smile, muscle weakness, vision problems, trouble talking and swallowing and loss of bladder control.

Cosmetic acupuncture side effects on the other hand, very minimal. Injection site pain, potential mild bruising and minimal swelling at the insertion site of the needle.

I'll take the second option please and thank you! I want to look good and feel good!

Look Good and Feel Good
Book Your Acupuncture Visit With Our Celina Chiropractor

Enjoy a Complimentary Consultation to find exactly what's causing the problem and how to fix it. This gives us a chance to make sure your child is a candidate for our care protocols. 

Here are answers to a few commonly asked questions:

How Long Does the Complimentary Consultation Take?

Each consultation lasts 10-15 minutes. If after the consult we feel we can help, a physical exam will be performed to diagnose the cause of the problem. From there, we will provide you with a solution and how to enjoy long-term relief.

What Services Do You Provide?

Our services include chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture treatments, rehab exercises, cupping, sports physicals, postural analysis, and nutritional counseling. 

What Areas Do You Service?
Our patients come from all over, including Celina, Prosper, Weston, Roland, Anna, Melissa, Little Elm, Frisco, McKinney and more. We are happy to treat all who come to our office. 

When Can I Schedule an Appointment?
Appointments are available as early as 8:30 am up until 4:00 pm, Monday - Thursday.

Is There a Catch to the Complimentary Consultation?

There is no catch to this offer. We recognize that some people have never been to the chiropractor or are hesitant to work with someone new. The complimentary consultation allows you the opportunity to talk with the doctor and find out exactly what's causing your pain. We will make recommendations based on your symptoms to get you the relief you're searching for. 



My low back pain was a beast, which affects a lot of other areas as well. I went to Dr. Bollwinkel and he adjusted me which helped so much. The thing I loved most of all is instead of just adjusting me and calling it good, he took time to understand the problem I was having and then spent more time after the adjustment in giving me stretches/exercises to do also. He definitely cares about his patients and works hard to get them to better health.


Dr. Dillan has been excellent in treating the neck and back of clients referred to him. He has also helped our athletes perform at a higher levels while helping remove all their aches and pain. Thank you Dr. Dillan for all you do!


Finally someone who gets it! In my world as a part-time CrossFit, Runner, Disc Golfer (among a million other outdoor activities), I would have major Back and Neck Pain! My performance would slide. Then Dr. Dillan came into my life -What a God send! Thank you Dr. Dillan for helping me be the best version of me!

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