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Ankle Sprain Treatment Celina - Acupuncture and Laser

Ankle Sprain Treatment Celina | Acupuncture - Laser - Chiropractic

Our Celina Acupuncture and Laser team treats all sorts of ankle related injuries. From sprains and Morton's neuroma to fracture rehab. Dr. Dillan has your ankle treatment covered in Celina for new and old ankle sprains.

Have you suffered multiple ankle sprains?  Do you roll your ankles easily?  Is there some swelling that just won’t clear out and makes your ankles look puffy? Are you suffering from pain from an old ankle sprain and looking for the best treatment options? Are you finding that your ankles feel weak and unsteady walking on uneven ground?   If so – acupuncture and laser therapy might be the answer to finally clearing up those old ankle injuries!

Acupuncture and Laser Therapy treatment for ankle pain and swelling in Celina

Celina Ankle Sprain Treatment - Acupuncture

People who have had multiple ankle sprains on the same ankle, especially if the sprains were severe, there is likely lingering deactivation of the muscles around the ankle.  Acupuncture and laser therapy can help stimulate those muscles and help them function at their optimal level again. 

By stimulating points in the front and back of the leg, in the ankle and in the foot, we can really have a significant impact on the function of the lower leg/foot complex. Acupuncture and Laser Therapy at our Celina clinic is the best in the city. 

It is also possible that you’ve experienced damage to the ligaments (bone-to-bone connections) and/or tendons (muscle-to-bone connections).  Acupuncture and laser therapy can help strengthen these connections and heal the injured tissue. Learn more about Dr. Dillan and how he can help with acupuncture and laser treatments.

Broken Ankle Treatment Celina and Acupuncture

If you suffered a broken ankle and had to wear a boot or were in an ankle brace for a long time, the top of the boot/brace can have a negative impact on some of our nerves – specifically the superficial fibular nerve.

This nerve can get squished by the compression of the brace and can lead to pockets of swelling that stick around for a long time! Acupuncture and laser therapy are the absolute best treatment to get rid of that swelling in a flash!

If you’ve worn any sort of brace or boot and have noticed that months and years after the injury has ‘healed’ that you still notice puffiness in the outside of your ankle and top of your foot, your superficial fibular nerve might be affected!

There are a few excellent acupuncture points that target this nerve and can help clear out persistent ankle swelling. Think your ankle pain could be coming from your shoes? Have you considered taping your ankle for better support when you’re doing activities?

Think your ankle pain could be coming from fallen arches? Get in today for your free gait scan and to get it taken care of now!

If you have rolled your ankles more than once, chances are there is some lasting damage to the deep ligaments in the ankle.  It is possible to insert a needle right into the ankle joint!  This can actually re-stimulate the healing process that inevitably slows down over time.  Inserting a needle and using laser can increase blood flow to the area and bring nourishment to the tissues to promote further healing.

Acupuncture is the only modality that can be inserted directly into the joint to promote healing and this makes it one of the most effective treatments for ankle sprains.  Acupuncture and laser can help alleviate pain (even if it’s been occurring for months or years), increase the range of motion, decrease swelling and help ensure that the nerves and muscles are functioning optimally. Add laser with the acupuncture and you get better much faster than any other modality!

Celina Acupuncture and Laser Therapy Treatment for Old Ankle Sprains!

Ankle Sprain Treatment Celina | Acupuncture - Laser - Chiropractic

There are a lot of acupuncture points and laser therapy areas that are excellent at treating ankle and foot pain. 

If you have any questions about using acupuncture or laser therapy to treat new or old ankle injuries give us a call at (972) 357-1009 or Book Your Ankle Treatment Today!


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