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Celina Acupuncture Treatment For Migraine Headaches

Migraine Treatment Celina - Acupuncture, Laser, Chiropractic

For those not overly familiar with the conservative therapy world, acupuncture may seem a bit out there or a very old and outdated practice. Let us assure you, that could not be further from the truth! Until more recently there was not a lot of high-quality evidence to support the use of acupuncture for Migraines, but now there is. 

While acupuncture originated as a component of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the type of acupuncture practiced by Dr. Dillan at our Celina acupuncture clinic is a version modified to fit the principles and practices in the western world. The acupuncture points are the same in both versions, but the theory is a little bit different. TCM practitioners use acupuncture to balance energies within the body for migraine headaches. The contemporary medical acupuncture approach is slightly more direct, inserting the needles into muscles, joints and/or around nerves affected in the injury, such as neck, scalp and facial area for migraine.

How Can Acupuncture Help Migraine Headaches in Celina?

Migraine Headache Treatment Celina

Sticking needles in a painful area may seem counter-intuitive. However, when we get patients at our Celina acupuncture clinic who have been suffering from migraine headaches for years, they are willing to try anything to help improve their situation. Migraine headaches can be completely debilitating. They have a huge negative impact on quality of life. So what do you have to lose? Try acupuncture!

What types of differences can you hope to experience from starting acupuncture treatment for migraines? The biggest benefit is a decreased frequency of migraines. In fact, scientific studies have shown that acupuncture treatment may be just as beneficial as some common preventative medications that are often prescribed to migraine sufferers! Acupuncture can help decrease the frequency of migraines by up to 50% in some cases! If you’ve ever experienced a migraine you can appreciate how amazing it would be to suffer from one half as often! If you are suffering from dizzy spells and migraines, we’re here to help!

In the healthcare world, we rely a lot on research to direct our practice. So when research proves that a certain therapy is beneficial, it really excites us healthcare professionals. The efficacy of acupuncture treatment was tested, in multiple studies, against no acupuncture, sham acupuncture and prophylactic medication, and guess which one was found to be the most effective? You guessed it – acupuncture! These studies proved that there is a direct benefit to treating migraine headaches with acupuncture. 

If you think you may be suffering from Ocular Migraines, Dr. Dillan might not be the right person to fix your headaches. Make sure you see an eye specialist.

Migraine Treatment Headache Celina Acupuncture


Despite being practiced for thousands of years, the ‘proof’ that acupuncture works is relatively new. Practitioners have been successfully treating all sorts of conditions with needling techniques for a long time, and many have clinical experience that has proven the technique to be effective. Only recently has acupuncture been recommended as a first-line treatment for migraines to complement other conservative treatment options. Acupuncture has been shown to have similar efficacy as prophylactic drug therapy. The positive effects of acupuncture treatment often provide longer lasting effects (up to 6 months of improvement after an initial course of treatment) than prophylactic drug therapy. Acupuncture is safe, and does not come with the side effects that medication does. Lastly, acupuncture is an extremely cost effective natural alternative to medication. Acupuncture at our Celina acupuncture clinic is the best in Celina!

What To Expect From Your Celina Acupuncture Session with Dr. Dillan Bollwinkel, DC


Your first acupuncture appointment will involve an assessment of your injury and treatment. Dr. Dillan will work with you to find the most comfortable position to sit or lay in while the needles do their work! Different needle lengths are used for different parts of the body. 

Acupuncture treatment at Apex Spine and Sport typically involves the insertion of 4-20 needles. Each treatment is unique, and the acupuncture session will be tailored to each individual patient. Acupuncture is a pain-free experience. Our patients often describe a small prick, or feeling of mild pressure as the needle is being inserted, but once the needles are inserted to the required depth, they don’t cause any discomfort at all.

Migraine Headaches Acupuncture Celina - Laser, Chiropractic

For migraine headaches, the specific points used are located in the head, neck, arms and hands. The needles stay inserted for about 10 minutes. There is also the option to apply electrical stimulation to the needles, which helps to boost the effect and often provide a superior result. Each treatment is provided while keeping patient comfort as a top priority.

For migraine headaches a minimum of six treatments is recommended. Migraines are often a chronic condition, and those types of conditions take longer to see results.


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