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Low Back Pain Treatment Celina

Low back pain treatment Celina | Chiropractic - Acupuncture

For our Celina Chiropractor – back pain is his area of expertise.  Lower back pain is experienced by 80% of the population at some point in their lifetime.  That’s a pretty startling number, especially when low back pain can be completely debilitating.  We treat back pain daily at our Celina clinic. Book and see if we can help!

Suffering from low back pain? We can help!

Our Celina chiropractic clinic treats low back pain daily. Whether the back pain is severe or just mildly achy, everyday tasks can be difficult.  Getting dressed, driving a car or even sleeping can become a struggle.  Our Celina chiropractor is an expert at helping get rid of lower back pain and preventing it from coming back. Most, if not all treatment at our Celina clinic includes more than just chiropractic adjustments. Most patients will get Laser Therapy, Acupuncture, functional training, soft tissue therapy and a manual chiropractic adjustment to aid in their healing.

Celina Chiropractor: Anatomy of Low Back Pain

The anatomy of the low back is relatively complicated. From 5 Lumbar joints, a left and right SI joint and numerous muscles, leave it up to our doctor to give you the right diagnosis and treatment game plan. Most patient’s pain is coming from their SI joint compressing a nerve and irritating the area around the injury. This could include the glute muscles, piriformis, IT band and some smaller ligaments around the pelvis and spine. Some patients’ low back pain is actually coming from the front of their spine and their hip flexors or psoas muscle, don’t worry we can fix that too.

If you think your pain is coming more from your hip and not your back, check out our Celina Laser therapy and Acupuncture treatment protocol for Hip Pain.

If the pain is further up the back, above the belt line, the back pain could be coming from your lumbar spine and the muscles that surround the area like the quadratus lumborum, multifidus and could even be caused by a rib subluxation.

Don’t suffer with undiagnosed low back pain, get in today, get the right diagnosis and start treatment today. The longer you wait the longer it will take to heal!

Low Back Pain Treatment Celina

Low back pain chiropractic adjustment Celina | Chiropractor - acupuncture

True low back pain originates from one of the five lumbar vertebra or surrounding muscles of the Sacroiliac (SI) joints and the gluteus muscles and hip musculature.  The joints in our lower back are built to help us flex and extend (bend forwards and lean backwards).   All of the important nerves that supply our lower body exit the spinal cord between the joints of the lumbar spine. Treating low back pain is our chiropractor’s favorite! Our celina chiropractor uses a combination of Laser therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments and functional training to help our patients get back to being pain free!

Countless muscles attach in and around those five vertebrae – so there’s plenty of opportunity for things to go awry. If this is true, why do most people come into our clinic with SI joint pain? We can help figure out exactly what is causing the pain!


Pinning down low back pain into a few reasons is nearly impossible.  Sometimes it’s one wrong move, like trying to move a refrigerator on your own.  Sometimes it’s many smaller wrong movements that add up over time and eventually start causing pain.  Sometimes it’s a trauma like a sports injury or a car accident.  Sometimes it’s just due to the fact that you sit at a desk for 8 hours a day and your spine starts to rebel against the inactivity.  Low back pain treatment in Celina should be started as soon as the patient notices the pain. The longer the pain and injury are there, the longer the back treatment will be needed to help!

There are a few known factors that increase vulnerability to developing lower back pain. Age, fitness level, work-related factors (lifting, exposure to vibration), weight and genetic predisposition all contribute to an increased likelihood of experiencing low back pain! The number one cause of low back since 2020 has been increased computer work and a severe lack of physical activity.

A weak core and lack of physical activity combined with sitting at a computer all day is the number one reason for back pain in Celina. Dr. Dillan’s advice is get up and move around, do 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day and stop sitting at the computer ALL day!

Low back pain decompression treatment Celina | Acupuncture - laser

Pain in the lower back can arise from a number of structures.  The joints, the muscles or the nerves. All of them can cause debilitating low back pain when they’re at their worst. Read more to find out how we treat lower back pain at Apex Spine and Sport

Low Back Pain is one of the more common diagnoses we see at our Celina chiropractic clinic. Dr. Dillan says “90% of the back pain patients he treats have an SI joint dysfunction as well.” Most of the patients don’t really have a story, they just work up one day and couldn’t move. This is most likely from sitting too much at the computer or in front of the TV. Some patients can’t lift their leg up, feel severe pain when moving from sitting to standing, pain when rolling over and severe pain when they lean 15 – 20 degrees like to brush their teeth. If this sounds like you, get in for treatment today. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to correct.

Celina Chiropractic Adjustments and Spinal Manipulation For Low Back Pain 

One of the quickest and most effective treatments for lower back pain is chiropractic adjustments.  Spinal manipulation can help loosen stiff joints, reset tight musculature and even help activate spinal musculature that is important for stability.  Adjustments are our Celina chiropractor’s bread and butter.  The quick thrusts of an adjustment create those satisfying popping sounds, which signify movement in dysfunctional spinal segments.  Getting adjusted is your best bet for getting rid of lower back pain quickly, and keep it away in the future!

Did you know that adjustments are also helpful for people experiencing chronic lower back pain?  Spinal manipulation has been shown to reduce pain and improve function of the lower back in people who have had long standing low back pain.  This is why Dr. Dillan encourages continued care after the initial phase of care is completed (1 visit every 2-4 weeks)!

encourages continued care after the initial phase of care is completed (1 visit every 2-4 weeks)!

Acupuncture for Low Back Pain Celina

Low back pain acupuncture treatment Celina | Chiropractor

Sticking needles into an area that’s already sore may seem counterintuitive – but these little needles can work wonders on painful joints and muscles.  Acupuncture (link) at our Celina clinic for lower back pain is safe and effective.  The needles are typically inserted along the spinal segments in the lower back and top of the pelvis.  The healing response generated from insertion of needles helps flush away inflammatory chemicals, helps trigger relaxation responses in muscles and can calm irritated nerves. 

Have you had lower back pain for more than three months?  If so, we highly recommend you give acupuncture (link) a try.  Acupuncture has the unique ability to boost healing responses that typically slow down after the first few weeks of experiencing pain or discomfort.  The body gradually pays less and less attention to healing painful areas and as a result, pain may linger.  Acupuncture can be extremely helpful for chronic lower back pain. 

Laser Therapy Treatment for Lower Back Pain in Celina

Low back pain laser treatment Celina

Laser therapy has quickly become one of the go-to treatments at our Celina chiropractic clinic.  Traditionally, laser has been praised for being an effective treatment for tendon injuries and plantar fasciitis, but it is also incredibly good at loosening up tight muscles.  Laser therapy treatment gets the job done, especially when combined with acupuncture and a chiropractic adjustment.

Laser therapy uses a red and violet light to regenerate and repair tissues.  Laser treatment helps build new blood vessels (promote healing), reduce chronic inflammation and release trigger points in muscles.  If you’ve got tight muscles that are contributing to your pain – we bet they’re no match for our therapeutic laser. Great news from our Celina chiropractic clinic is that we are the only clinic in Celina that uses laser therapy. Come and get the relief you’ve been searching for!

Celina Chiropractor Approved Exercises for Low Back Pain

Low back pain exercises Celina

If you want to get rid of your lower back pain, you need a strong core.  We aren’t saying you need superhero strength, but you definitely need to have core muscles that activate the way they are supposed to.  We aren’t even necessarily talking about your six-pack muscles either; but rather the deeper core muscles that help keep us stable and supported during our everyday tasks.

Ask our certified Personal Trainer about what core exercises you should be doing at home.

Are you in a lot of pain and feel like exercise is out of the question right now?  It isn’t.  Our Celina chiropractor has a long list of exercises to help build core strength.  We have exercises for beginners, or those in lots of pain, and more advanced exercises for our gym rats and people who have progressed through the easier exercises and now need more of a challenge.

Read enough and ready to start treatment in Celina for that annoying lower back pain?


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