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Shoulder Pain and Rotator Cuff Injuries Treatment Celina Acupuncture

Shoulder Pain Treatment Celina

Acupuncture Treatment for Shoulder Pain in Celina!

Chances are you’ve experienced shoulder pain at some point in your life. Our Celina Acupuncture Team has seen and heard it all when it comes to shoulder and rotator cuff injuries in Celina. Whether it was a sports injury, an overuse injury (we’re looking at you, mechanics, line workers (manual therapists), a lifting injury (helping friends move is the worst) or just a freak accident or slip-and-fall, shoulder pain can really interfere with our normal routine. Check out our acupuncture practitioner and what goes into a shoulder pain acupuncture treatment.

There are 4 muscles that make up our ‘rotator cuff’.  These muscles are responsible for lifting, extending and rotating our shoulder joint.  Repetitive strains, heavy lifting or a slip-and-fall can strain these muscles.  Through proper assessment, our Celina Acupuncture Team (link) can pinpoint which muscle is causing the problem and develop a plan to get your shoulder healthy again!  Soft tissue therapy,  shoulder mobilizations and specific exercises are all important aspects of the recovery process, but did you know acupuncture can also make a HUGE difference in your recovery time? Injured your shoulder? We can help!

Acupuncture Treatment for Shoulder and Rotator Cuff Injuries Celina:

1 – Dr. Dillan says placing needles in this area helps to encourage blood flow to the shoulder. When we increase blood flow, we increase the nutrients and oxygen to the shoulder tissues and therefore promote healing.  Most patients shoulder pain is coming from one of the four rotator cuff muscles. These muscles are mostly tendon and very little pink muscle. Because of this, there is very little blood flow to aid in healing of rotator cuff injuries. Placing the needles deep into the rotator cuff/shoulder region stimulates blood flow and helps the body heal the damaged tissue of the shoulder.

1 –  Acupuncture Celina: Supraspinatus Needling for Shoulder and Rotator Cuff Pain!

Celina shoulder pain treatment acupuncture

The Supraspinatus muscle is one of the most commonly strained muscles in the shoulder.  It is responsible for lifting your arm the first 15 degrees, and therefore we use it a lot!  There are three excellent points our Celina Acupuncture team will use for the supraspinatus, increasing blood flow and promoting a quicker healing time! 80% of the confirmed rotator cuff injuries we see at the clinic are injuries to the supraspinatus. Whether it's a tear, tendinitis, tendonitis or an impingement injury to the supraspinatus, get in today to have Dr. Dillan take a look. You could be on the road to recovery sooner than you think!

Stuck at your computer all day? Have you been diagnosed with a scapular winging of scapular instability? We can help!

2 – Acupuncture: Teres Major/Minor Needling

Acupuncture shoulder pain treatment Celina

These two muscles are located close together, along the outer rim of the shoulder blade, but they contract to create opposing movements.  The Teres Minor is part of your rotator cuff, while the Teres Major is more of a general posture muscle of the shoulder blade. Often these muscles feel tense and sore when the shoulder is strained and inserting needles can help relax them!  These muscles create the border of an exit point for your radial nerve.  This innervates the back of your arm, forearm and hand!  Tight muscles can affect this nerve and cause tingling, numbness or even weakness in the back of the arm.  Keeping these muscles loose ensures that the nerve isn’t getting squeezed and irritated to cause arm symptoms!

3 – Infraspinatus Needling and Acupuncture Celina–

This muscle rotates your shoulder joint outward. Sometimes the infraspinatus muscle can spasm and cause a tight feeling over the shoulder blade.   Needles in this location are excellent at treating ‘trigger points’ or tight bits of muscle that cause pain.

4 – When one or multiple muscles of the rotator cuff are strained, the larger muscles start to do more work to compensate! Inserting needles into the traps is a great way to keep tension in these muscles low and prevent them from starting to contribute to your shoulder pain!

4 - Acupuncture Hand Needle Points for Shoulder Pain

Celina shoulder pain treatment acupuncture chiropractic

5 – This hand point is a great pain-reliever for any upper extremity pain! This one little needle can have a calming effect on the three major nerves of your arm and forearm!

Acupuncture treatments will vary depending on the injury and the muscles that are injured.  Each treatment is tailored to the individual and their injury.  It is so versatile, and is an excellent addition to any rehabilitation plan for shoulder pain!

Suffering from Shoulder Pain?


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